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urbanitas's Journal

colloquia in lingua latina
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This community is for posts in Latin; its mission is both to further the fine art of Latin composition and to allow students of Latin literature to practice their language skills. We, the management, cannot stress enough that all posts and replies must be in Latin. This description might be translated into Latin once the management gets some time on its collective hands. The only exception to the all-latin, all-the-time rule is for explanation of grammatical or syntactical points for the purpose of correcting infelicities in members' posts. Any skill level is welcome, and members are urged to gently correct each others' mistakes for the commune bonum and the preservation of Latin. // Any variety of Latin is welcome - we are accepting of a panoply of styles and grammatical rules from early Latin to Early Modern Humanistic Latin. // Any subject matter is welcome. Posts might include open questions to spark discussion, 'normal' journal entries such as kvetchings or accounts of parties, translations into latin of all manner of texts, discussion of useful language websites or collections of texts, original compositions either in prose or meter, chronicles, satires, theological treatises, annals, class notes, erotica, or even quotations from the greats.