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colloquia in lingua latina

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August 2nd, 2009

02:52 am - NVMEREMVR


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February 12th, 2009

04:29 am - Salvete!
 Leontius Lavo, negotio suo finito, amicis suis omnibus, communitatis huius sodalibus, s. d.

Nullum hominem scribere hac in pagine velle video, qua de causa, me sodali novo, primus scribere volo, ut vos omnes salutare possim. Placet mihi magnopere scribendi huius facultas atque cum sodalibus variis de finibus terrae communicandi. Egomet Cracoviae habito, qua in urbe cauponae cuiusdam frictor sum. Scio nonnullum vestrum Cracoviae fuisse et hanc urbem amare, ut in nuntiis vestris legissem. Iterum vos saluto et omnes in communitatem hanc scribere hortor, propter optimam sodalitatem atque amicitiam veram creandam.

Vivete valeteque! ;) 
Current Location: Cracovia
Current Music: DJ Krush

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September 22nd, 2008

11:59 pm
O vos omnes, nihilne potestis dicere?

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05:08 pm - de puella mea perfida
Nuper numptias fratris puellae meae attendi--sed illa mihi comportabat sicut fuissem tantum canis; neque mecum loquabatur, neque mecum saliebat; solus ergo manebam sedens in mensa.

Cum daps finitura esset, ad eam appropinquissem. Sic ego: "Hei. Nonne liceas mihi salire cum puella quae me duxit domo meo aduhuc?"

Sic illa: "NON! Nolo!" Stabam etiam ego solus attonitusque coram omnibus famulis suis; illa pro sua parte saliebat, sed non mecum.

Irascor. Sic amor? Quis ex omnibus feminis petit aut amicum aut amantem ut ad dapem adeat, et ipse ignorat?

Sic hospitium? Hospes fui apud eos--debitum tantum hospitis quippe illa me debetne?

Et ego nescio ubi sint fines furoris meae.

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September 9th, 2008

04:14 pm - Sic incipit annus academicus novus
Tam magna silentio est inter nos omnes, lectores et scriptores huius societatis, ut saepissime putem hanc societatem mortam. Sed iam adsum et valeo; spero ut vos omnes quoque valeant.

Valeo, sed vix habeo horas in diebus meis ut faciam omnia quae facienda sint mihi. Studium meum persistit, sed durissimum est.

Amores meos? Credo me non dissimulare scribendo vobis quia puellam habeo. Sed incertus sum--incerti sumus-- quid sit quod habeamus. Amici mei, qui cum ista puella me viderunt, arbitrantur puellam et me amantes esse. Sed neque confessa est illa mihi, neque confessus sum illae. Si amare sit reum, actum reum faciamus, sed sine mente rea non reum factum est.

Sic vita mea--quomodo valet vestra?

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May 7th, 2008

05:57 pm - animadivertio--pro omnibus qui examines scribeant.
Constantiter construo constitutiones constitutionaliter, cum constitutionaliter constitutiones construendae sint.

(scripsa est a me ante examinationem meam juris constitutionalis)

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April 23rd, 2008

11:12 pm - here to bother you again...
last post, i promise.

could anyone, perhaps, explain the differences between "sola luce", "sola lux", and "sola lumina"? - or even "tantum lux"?

sincere "thank you's" in advance

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April 11th, 2008

01:05 am - iam ver . . .
Sed annus scholasticus persistit, et examinationes et disputationes viva voce et omnia pericula scholastica speramus omnes nos pupilli timentes.

Sed ver tamen bona sua nobis iam ostendit: dies longiores, sed brevia vestimenta, et voluptates campi ( prius studium solitarium in bibliotheca).

Quid vobis est ver?

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April 10th, 2008

11:43 pm - please school me!
i'm trying to title a collection of photographs and want to make sure that the latin is correctly used.

The series is about loneliness and they are night photographs featuring objects that seem to have some holy or otherworldly quality of illumination.


solum luminarium

solitas nocto nvenio

lux lucis solus

1.is it acceptable to use "lux" without "lucis"?
2. also, if I was trying to say "light alone" would the above listing be incorrect?
3. when would one say "solum" as opposed to "solus"?

thank you in advance,
with admiration,

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February 10th, 2008

12:28 pm - WANTED: translators


We’re planning to publish a collection of translations of the poem “Might fame to descendents I leave…” by the late Gennady Grigoryev:



Might fame to descendents I leave in my will?

For any of you – bear in mind –

There is no inheritance, zero, nil,

There's nothing I’m leaving behind.


Crimea, the Baltic, the wash of the sea,

The yacht and the mast with a sail


This life when I go I am taking with me,

So live without life.

Live and wail.



11 Feb. 2003


Translated by Max Orkis © 2008

Our goal is to translate this poem into as many languages as possible – the more the merrier, including Latin and other ancient tongues.

Translators are invited to post their texts as separate entries. We urge you to use tags (e.g., Finnish, Spanish, correction, draft, etc.) and not to get carried away inventing new ones.

You’ll get what’s coming to you: your translation will be published (if it gets approved by our experts). NB: there will be no monetary reward; we can only afford publication expenses.

Only one translation into each of the languages will be published. Comments and collaboration are, therefore, strongly encouraged.

Heading this project are Yevgueniy Myakishev, Nutty Professor Bolduman, Gennady Grigoryev’s son, and Max Orkis.


For your convenience, we’ve opened a new community:





Come join us!


Please spread the word!





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